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Classic Truffle Collection

Classic Truffle Collection

Classic Truffle Collection

Handcrafted and made with rich chocolate, and fresh cream.

Our traditional chocolate truffles are just as exciting as any of our other exotic combinations. These perfected confections range from the dark decadence of our 72% Bittersweet to the rich and creamy Milk Chocolate truffle. Our Hazelnut, White Mint, and Espresso add just the right amount of variety to make this collection an essential gift for any occasion!

What's Inside:                                                                                                                  

  • Bittersweet: Bittersweet (72%) chocolate and cream, pure and simple.
  • Espresso: Organic and espresso in semisweet chocolate.
  • Hazelnut: A gianduja of hazelnut paste, semisweet chocolate, sugar and fleur de sel.
  • Milk: Rich milk chocolate and cream, enrobed in milk chocolate.
  • White Mint: White chocolate ganche infused with spearmint, enrobed in bittersweet


"...I was ready for a Milk Truffle and it definitely calmed my taste buds. I have come to love hazelnuts in dark chocolate and their Hazelnut Truffle was an excellent, creamy concoction with crunchy roasted nuts on top. Bittersweet was a super dark ganache with just the right amount of sugar, while Espresso’s mocha profile was earthy and multi-layered. The Mint Truffle tasted fresh and gentle, a welcome change from some Altoid-like mint chocolates out there." - Chocolate Ratings review

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