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Afternoon Tea Collection

Afternoon Tea Collection
Afternoon Tea Collection Earl Grey Lapsang Souchong Matcha Roch-cha Chai Rooibos Ginger Lime

Afternoon Tea Collection

Made with fresh Pittsford Farms Dairy cream and rich chocolate, these unique tea-infused truffles bring herbal, sweet and soothing flavors from around the globe. Each aromatic tea is from a certified organic farm, and comes to us from our award-winning neighbors at Leaf Tea Bar. Available in 10 and 20 piece boxes with handmade, letterpress-printed tags and maps. Truffle flavors in this collection:

• Earl Grey: A bold tea flavor infused into our rich dark chocolate.

• Lapsang Souchong: Smoky and sweet white chocolate enrobed in milk chocolate, topped with a salted almond.

• Matcha: The full-bodied, rich flavor of matcha swirled into white chocolate, and enrobed in dark chocolate.

• Roch-cha Chai: A hint of spice paired with our smooth milk chocolate, sprinkled with salt and pepper.

• Rooibos Ginger Lime: A bright and refreshing tea, combined with dark chocolate, and topped with candied ginger and lime zest.

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Afternoon Tea 10 Piece
Afternoon Tea 20 Piece

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