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2010 in Reviews

We started this tradition last year, a review of all the great press and product reviews we receive throughout the year. We'll admit that we truly didn't have a moment to revel in these when they were published and we really should pat ourselves on the back. Here goes!

We received our first coverage in national magazines this year. In March we were pictured in a Country Living article about Foodzie, an online farmer's market that sells our products. In November we were listed in Fast Company's roundup of the best of artisan chocolate. They included a beautiful image of our Bittersweet Truffle.

We shared our chocolates with more chocolate bloggers across the country this year and they had some lovely things to say about our products.

Hedonist’s Spice Collection is full of creative flavor combinations. Coconut curry is a standout for its unusual nature and strikingness....This collection would be a great gift for those with adventurous palates. Spice Collection Truffles review on ZOMG, Candy! blog 1/13/2010

The bark was quite pretty, with its white chocolate swirls studded with red jewels of cranberry. It’s a visual treat....The candied pecans were my favorite component of the bark. They were coated in a crispy caramelized sugar glaze, and they added a nice, occasional crunchy sweetness. The pecans, along with the sweet cranberries, paired nicely with the chocolate. Pecan Cranberry Bark review on ZOMG, Candy! blog 3/17/2010

I love how thoughtful Hedonist’s truffles are. Instead of letting the flavor additions take over, they keep the chocolate in the starring role. Spring Teas Collection review on ZOMG, Candy! blog 3/19/2010

All the Hedonist Fruit and Nuts were dipped or covered in this insanely, rich chocolate that just melts away like silk on your tongue.

I have never had chocolate with sesame before and after taking a bite I wondered why I have been deprived for so long. The salty, sweet, combination is thoroughly addictive and everyone went rapidly back for seconds, thirds and fourths until there were only a few sad, abandoned sesame seeds left.
Hedonist Fruit & Nut Clusters and Bark reviewed on Chocolate Grail 4/29/2010

With a name like Hedonist Chocolates I expected decadence. Yeah, it was that. Jasmine Truffle pictured on Candyblog 7/13/2010

I think my favorite part of the collection (aside from the Black Currant truffle) was that they didn’t just let the goat cheese do all the work. It would’ve been easy to just mix goat cheese and chocolate and say, “Look how novel this combination is! Instead, they put together a thoughtful and tasty collection that’s much more than just a novel ingredient. Hooray for Hedonist’s effort and care! Goat Cheese Truffles reviewed on ZOMG, Candy! blog 9/17/2010

The chocolate was nice and of obviously high quality, bittersweet with a velvety melt, deep cocoa notes, and a hint of earthiness. It paired quite well with the orange. The peels tasted great, and they’ve got a delicateness to them that really makes them feel special. Chocolate Covered Orange Peels reviewed on ZOMG, Candy! blog 11/29/2010

Now I remember why I give so many middle-range reviews of the few boxed chocolate I look at. Chocolates/truffles must be good-looking, and they must also have a taste-experience to match; otherwise, I can easier just pick up a bar. Hedonist Chocolates has passed the test. The Fruit and Nut Collection was nice, and the Holiday Collection was a great find. Holiday and Fruit & Nut Collections reviewed on Chocablog 12/17/2010

Pleasure, handcrafted. Hedonist Artisan Chocolates are handmade with fresh ingredients to give as gifts or indulge yourself.
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