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5 Chocolates That Could Be Meals

Honorable Mention: Our Bacon Bark for Father's Day! Honorable Mention: Our Bacon Bark for Father's Day!

If we could, we’d eat chocolate for every meal. Of course, a life of such delightful decadence isn’t necessarily advisable (though there would be some initial health benefits!). However, there are some chocolates that we make that carry such a full range of flavors that they could almost act as a balanced meal. From sweet to savory to filling, here are the five chocolates that could be meals.

5. Pomegranate Thyme Goat Cheese Truffle

Pomegranate thyme Goat Cheese


As part of our popular Goat Cheese Truffle Collection, this truffle already has the advantage of the chocolate and cheese combination. Add the sweet fruitiness of the pomegranate and the herbal tones of the thyme, and you almost have something that resembles a summer salad. Sit under a shady tree and try one of these; you’ll see what we mean.



4. Sesame Bark

Sesame bark for blog

A staple in our shop for quite some time now, our Sesame bark is a sensation similar to something you might have for dinner. With both Sesame seeds and Sesame oil embedded in milk chocolate, there’s a blend of savory and sweet that’s akin to popular Chinese dishes. No need for a fortune cookie afterwards, though.


3. Lemon Pepper Truffle



This one is almost self-explanatory just from its familiar title. You’ve heard of lemon pepper chicken, so why not lemon pepper chocolate? As one of the stars of our Spice Truffle Collection, our Lemon Pepper truffle has the fulfilling flavor that can satisfy your senses like a full meal would.


2. Tarragon Carrot Truffle



Perhaps our most garden-inspired chocolate, the Tarragon Carrot truffle is certainly unique. No one would dispute the importance of eating veggie-heavy meals, and it’s not everyday you find chocolate that features a vegetable! The tarragon also adds a nice touch of herbal satisfaction. Try this truffle if you’re hoping to reminisce about a great garden-fresh lunch you had last spring.


1. Coconut Curry Bark

coconut curry1Few other chocolates can evoke customer curiosity like our Coconut Curry bark does. Usually, you’d only see such a flavor in Indian or Thai restaurants. The organic Madras curry powder we mix with 30% cocoa butter white chocolate blends the beautiful spice of traditional curry cuisine with a sweet salvation you may not otherwise find. If this bark's flavors took the form of a meal, you definitely wouldn't need to see the dessert menu.

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