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5 Local Valentine's Day Gifts For Your Special Someone

cityscapeWhen it comes to Valentine's Day gifts, everyone wants to impress with the best of the best. It may seem like very elaborate, super-sweet surprise has pretty much been done already  (just consult YouTube to verify that someone already took your idea). Don't let that discourage you, though-- you'll just have to think outside the box. Or, rather, you can think inside the box, that being the local "box" you live in. Being a small business ourselves, we're big supporters of the local scene in Rochester, NY. So, here are 5 Valentine's gifts that are sure to show what we've always believed: Local = love!

1. A Massage From Luv Yu Foot Spa



Try as you might to give your sweetheart an awesome massage with your own two hands, you're probably not gonna come close to the professionals at Luv Yu Foot Spa. Located just a few doors down from us in the South Wedge of Rochester, Luv Yu offers not only feel-goods for your feet, but for your whole body, too. So, book an appointment to treat your special someone to some nice, relaxing stress relief.








2. Salted Caramels From, You Guessed It-- Hedonist Artisan Chocolates



Or any chocolates, for that matter. We of course had to include ourselves on this list! The only thing better than chocolate for Valentine's Day is local, artisan chocolate for Valentine's Day. Read about the time our Salted Caramels were on the cover of The New York Times to find out just how popular these are this time of year.







3. Craft Spirits From Black Button Distilling



If you're staying in the night of Valentine's Day, you and your significant other might be in the mood for some specialty cocktails. Not a bartender? Definitely not a mixologist? No worries, the spirits crafted by Rochester's Black Button Distilling will take care of a lot of the taste for you. Flavorful products like their Apple Pie Moonshine and Little Barrel Bourbon will make it easy for you to concoct a great cocktail that's sure to impress.








4. Lingerie From Devil May Care



We won't go into too much detail about why lingerie is a great Valentine's Day gift, but let's just say our Spice Truffle Collection isn't the only way to heat things up at home. Located on Park Ave in Rochester, Devil May Care offers a wide variety of both hers and his selections by various designers. In addition to lingerie-fitting, sisters Anastasia and Rosie also offer overall style-advising for weddings and everyday looks.








5. Movie Night at The Little Theatre


You can never go wrong with a movie date. If you wanna do something a little more special this Valentine's Day, a night at The Little Theatre is the ticket. Rather than seeing a big blockbuster at a major chain cinema, you can have a more intimate experience watching an independent or foreign film in a smaller theater. The Little even has a cute café inside so you can sit and chit-chat about the film afterwards.








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