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Our Blog: Chocolate Talk

5 Questions for Brewmaster Dean Jones

Chocolate and beer is one of our favorite combos, and luckily Genesee Brewery agrees! Over the years we’ve worked with the Genesee Brew House’s Brewmaster, Dean Jones, to create indulgent new beers that combine the very best Hedonist and Genesee have to offer. Recently, Genesee was awarded a gold medal at the World Beer Cup in the Chocolate Beer category for their Dark Chocolate Scotch Ale, a decadent brew imbued with the flavors and aromas of Hedonist 72% bittersweet chocolate!

Join us in celebrating this award-winning partnership with a special tasting at the Genesee Brew House on Wednesday, June 13 to sample beer and some of our limited-edition bacon chocolates, just in time for Father’s Day!

In advance of our tasting, we spoke to Dean about his prize-winning beer and his role as a brewmaster.

Hedonist: You've brewed beer with chocolate a number of times. Why do chocolate and beer "work" together?

Dean: Chocolate goes extremely well with a number of different beer styles. It truly compliments the flavors in beer and gives people a reason to try a new beer as everyone loves chocolate!!

H: If you had to serve Dark Chocolate Scotch Ale with food, what would be on the menu?

D: I love cheesecake, and a Salted Caramel Chocolate Porter cheesecake served with the beer sounds awesome to me!

H: Has there ever been a time when a flavor combination just didn't work out, and you had to give up?

D: Never!  Flavor combinations are only limited by your imagination, you just have to find a beer that they will work with.

H: If you had the opportunity to brew the beer of your dreams and could use any ingredients you wanted, what would you make?

D: The beer of my dreams…Not really a special ingredient but I would love to go to Germany and brew a Bavarian Pilsner with a Master Brewer.

H: Can you tell us what you're working on next? Or is that a trade secret?

D: I am designing our new year round IPA loaded with cool juicy hops and also working on peppercorn beer of some sort.

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