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Almond Honey Goat Cheese Truffle


almond honeyMany have heard expressions of a divine land where “milk and honey flow.” Since the versatility of this phrase has expanded over time, who’s to say what kind of milk is flowing in this mythical land? Maybe the rivers run with goat’s milk, resourced to become goat cheese. Maybe these rivers and streams of milk and honey are filled with almonds rather than rocks. Oh, and there’s of course chocolate. Mountains and mountains of chocolate. This is a divine land, afterall.

Though it may seem like a stretch to imagine that such a place exists, our Almond Honey Goat Cheese truffle comes quite close to replicating it. Serving as a micro-version of a magical land, many customers consider this truffle to be the most desirable destination on the map inside our Goat Cheese truffle collections. The elements are all there; the ganache of goat cheese, almond butter, and honey collaborate to create a creaminess  that takes you on a tasty tour of the landscape upon first bite.

Prominently placed atop this truffle is a honeyed almond, like a golden monument on a mountain of chocolate. The candied coating of the almond would not be possible without the honey, which does not have to travel too far before being used in our kitchen. Lovers of local ingredients will likely be happy to hear that our Almond Honey Goat Cheese truffle features honey from Doan’s Honey Farm in Hamlin, New York located only 30 miles from our shop in Rochester. The family farm was established in 1953 and has achieved steady success over its half-century of existence. Plus, we are using Lively Run Dairy's Goat Cheese.

As hedonists, we know there’s no comparison to strong sensory pleasure. Chocolate, especially, can give us these moments of magic. So when you bite into our Almond Honey Goat Cheese truffle, you might just feel that magic for a moment as you’re transported to that mythical land.

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