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Almond Toffee

Almond Toffee

Here at Hedonist, new seasons mark the arrival of new chocolate! As snow begins to blanket the fallen leaves and the crisp air becomes colder, we seek new ways to warm our hedonistic hearts. With the recent creation of our Almond Toffee, we are well on our way!

The process of making toffee involves creating a well-heated mixture of caramelized sugar and butter. Many types of toffee include nuts in the mixture, and we decided that almonds would provide the fullest flavor in ours. Once the mixture becomes stiff enough, it is poured onto a tray to cool and take shape as a sheet. After enrobing the toffee in rich chocolate, we set it aside to let it age to perfection.

The aging process is a relatively short period that calls for us to taste the toffee periodically and check the texture. Some prefer a chewier toffee while others prefer a crunchier texture. Our version, which can be categorized as English toffee, accomplishes a perfect middle ground between chewy and crunchy.

When the butteriness of the toffee is complemented by the crunch of the almonds, your senses are sure to be celebrating. Let it warm up in your mouth and it will soon make its way to your heart and soul. We think it’s a pretty wonderful way to welcome the season!

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