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An Intern's Perspective: Chocolate and Hedonism

Jasmine_blogHi there! I'm Jasmine, the newest intern at Hedonist Artisan Chocolates.

When I first heard about Hedonist, I wondered what is a hedonist? I soon found out a hedonist is someone whose life is devoted to the pursuit of sensual pleasures. And that makes perfect sense when we talk about chocolate. Let me show you.

Probably the most obvious sense that's pleased by chocolate is the sense of taste. From the bitter-sweet taste of dark chocolate, to the pure flavor of milk chocolate, to the creamy milkiness of white chocolate, the flavor of chocolate is completely unique. Nothing in the world can imitate the flavor of good, pure chocolate. Nothing can compare with the heavenly taste as you slowly savor each bite. And since Hedonist uses only the best chocolate, the pleasure is heightened even more.

Another sense that is pleased by chocolate is the sense of smell. The scent of chocolate is sweet, but it's not like the sweetness of plain sugar. It's sweet and bitter, rich and pure. It has depth. The scent wafts gently - it's not harsh or jarring. When I first stepped into Hedonist, the first thing I noticed was the incredible aroma of the French chocolate.

The feeling of chocolate is also unique. If the chocolate is in the form of a truffle, you bite through the hard outer shell and then into the creamy ganache inside. It's hard and creamy at the same time. If it's a bark, it snaps when you bite into it. Savor it, and it melts on your tongue at the perfect speed. The chocolate at Hedonist feels like no other chocolate I've ever experienced. It's perfectly smooth and melts just the right way. It's impossible not to take pleasure in it.

Chocolate has many different forms that please the sense of sight. My favorite form is the handmade truffle -a compact little bundle, with the glossy shell enrobing a center of creamy ganache. The truffles at Hedonist are each a work of art; no two are completely the same. The decoration that crowns the truffle not only indicates the flavor of the ganache, but it also complements the color of the chocolate - whether a  nearly black color for dark chocolate, a rich brown for milk chocolate, or a creamy ivory for white chocolate. It doesn't matter if the truffle is topped with hand-drawn art or just a simple drizzle of chocolate; each one is a creative work of art in its own way.

The sense of hearing might not be as affected by chocolate as the other senses. But what about the satisfying snap when you bite through the shell of a truffle? Or the crack when you break a piece of bark in half? There's another thing you can  hear, too - the contented "Mmmmm" when you experience the taste, smell, feeling, sight, and sound of chocolate all at the same time.

And that's why we call ourselves Hedonists.

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