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An Intern's Perspective: Getting into the Christmas Groove

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What an exciting time, all this Christmas snowshine around when you’re on the chocolate-making side of people’s stockings and presents. Closest thing we’ve got to Santa’s workshop here in Rochester.

A woman came in to buy some chocolates today, and she said, “I need to get something for my mother-in-law.” What I wanted to say was “well, she’s either a really nice person, or you’re shopping at the wrong place.” Heh. Then I figured no matter how she responded, it would have turned un-funny for us all in a hurry, so I just kept making orange peels. Come to think of it, my mother-in-law reads this, so I should still probably keep that joke to myself.  Hmmmm... well, looks like she can probably expect some chocolates for Christmas now, too.

Anyway, all the bustle has been fun. Inventory is taking a pleasant hit so chocolate making has taken on an entirely new fervor.  I made a few hundred orange peels, since I can get through them pretty quickly now. I also filled up our fruit and nut stores with more pistachio and apricot truffles, and I prepped some ginger ones before I left.

Apart from chocolate fruit and nuts, I did a round of extra bittersweet drinking chocolate. If you think that’s just fancy language for cocoa, you might not enjoy sipping it the way we do. Drinking chocolate is a different beast, much thicker than how you imagine cocoa. This stuff is so decadent you probably won’t even be able to swirl it around your mug without tipping it on its side and waving the bottom in a circle wider than the rim at the top.  If you do that, some of it probably will just stay coated on the side of your mug anyway. I say mug, but you’d likely be fine to serve it in a shot glass, it’s that rich. Not the most exciting thing we make, but it was a small milestone for me, since it was the last offering from our kitchen that I hadn’t yet assembled.

Drinking chocolate is much different than everything else we sell, because it’s something you’ll actually prepare yourself. Honestly, if you wanted to try it, you could make the whole thing yourself at home if you have the chocolate and a good recipe. That being said, since that’s what we provide in a cute little package, (and with extremely fine chocolate we’ve carefully selected) you probably wouldn’t regret just taking some off our shelf and calling it good. Still, if you’re interested and creatively inclined, heat up some milk, melt some chocolate in it, add your favorite flavors to the concoction, and then stop in and tell us if you’ve discovered the next great new flavor for next year’s holiday season.

I should also mention that if you’ve been waiting for peppermint bark, we have a fresh batch that Jennifer made today. It was still cooling when I had to leave, so I wasn’t able to take any back to my house, but I want some. It looks awesome, and it couldn’t be fresher, which makes a big difference compared with what’s usually available elsewhere and is something we always take great pride in.

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