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Interview with April's Featured Artist, April Younglove

"The Swimmers" by April Younglove "The Swimmers" by April Younglove

In our time of hosting art openings in our shop, we've never gotten to feature an artist during the month that they're named for. Spring is about new beginnings, though, which is why it's so suiting for us to start the season with April's featured artist, April Younglove. Inspired by her vivid dreams, magical realism, and an innate love of gift-giving, April's paintings will breathe a life into any space they occupy-- which is perfectly fitting for the essence of spring. Here's what she had to say about how her show, "Becoming," well, became what it is today.

What is your earliest memory of being inspired to make art?
As a child, I really loved to create gifts for people I loved. In art class, I was always the last person still working on my projects because I would just get so engrossed in what I was doing. And I remember, in sixth grade, I drew pencil portraits of a handful of my classmates when I should have been working on classwork. I took the portraits home, photocopied them, and stapled them into little booklets and gave the booklets to classmates who wanted them. I still have a tiny cardboard circle with some hair ribbon glued to it that a classmate of mine made for me that year. It says "#1 artist." It's cheesy, but I was really proud of that. Having my peers recognize me as an artist.
Does art "run in the family" or do you pick it up independently?
Neither of my parents are artists, although my mother is a talented seamstress and used to sew the majority of my wardrobe as a child. She continues to sew elaborate outfits for her pet rabbits and is always working on a craft project of one kind or another. Also, my mother's parents were casual art collectors who bought art that reminded them of places that they had lived or traveled to, and I used to love visiting their house and spent a lot of time looking at the prints and paintings that they purchased.


"The Swimmers" is an intriguing piece. What's the story behind it? Real-life experience or something imagined?

Thank you. I tend to remember my dreams more often than most people and sometimes draw inspiration from what I recall. In "The Swimmers," I dreamed that I was swimming underwater in a deep lake and that I could see the sun on the surface of the water above. I kept pushing myself upwards trying to reach it but it always stayed just out of my grasp. It's probably a metaphor, but I'm not very good at interpreting my own dreams. I usually ask my friend Sara and she can explain it in a way that seems obvious once she tells me what it is.
Also, I was thinking very much about the idea of changing from one state to another and about elemental themes of water, fire, air, earth and so on and the subject matter of the dream seemed like a natural fit.
Is there any type of media you haven't tried your hand at that you'd like to get into in the future?
In college, I studied photography and sculpture and only took one painting class shortly before graduating, so I came to painting in kind of a roundabout way having tried other mediums first. I saw the work of Faith Ringold a few years ago, though, and would like to get into art quilting. I acquired a sewing machine and have made several passing attempts to use it, but have concluded that I'm going to need some formal lessons or one-on-one guidance from a friend. I somehow assumed that sewing would come to me naturally because my mother is so good at it, but I somehow managed to avoid learning to sew from her purely by osmosis.


The opening for April Younglove's "Becoming" will take place in our shop on April 3 from 6:00-9:00 PM. We will be tasting the Spring Truffle collection for the full effect of festiveness.

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