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Gretchen Spittler, Creator of Our "Lovestruck" Truffle Designs

Lovestruck CollectionOn Friday, February 6, we will host a chocolate tasting for our new collection, Lovestruck. The collection features Valentine’s Raspberry truffles adorned with festive designs created by local artist Gretchen Spittler. Though she has been making art all her life, this is Spittler’s first major venture into graphic design. We did an interview with her to get her thoughts on inspiration, super powers, and of course, love.

-What is your earliest memory of being inspired to make art?

"My mother is an artist. She has an MFA in printmaking and was an art teacher, so our house was always full of art supplies when we were kids. I remember an abstract drawing I made with markers in second grade. I was so proud that I titled it, signed it, wrote a dedication, and hung it on my bedroom wall as though it were a framed masterpiece."

-Besides graphic design, what other medium do you dabble in?

"Dabble is actually a really appropriate word to describe my graphic design- which I am teaching myself as I go. My formal arts training is in sculpture, ceramics, and textiles, but, graphic design is a much more accessible medium for my life at the moment. Having a small child does limit one's ability to work on any project not destined to be chewed on or played with, or involving tools, small pieces, or pointy bits. Graphic design provides me with an ongoing creative outlet which is important."

-Is there a story behind the designs for Lovestruck?

"When I fell in love with my husband it was not so much a warm, gentle glow as a swift kick to the head. I experienced this same physical jolt the first time I held my daughter. My love for her hit me over the head – Ka-Pow! The two loves of my life changed me forever with such force and speed that I can only describe it as being lovestruck."

A closer look at Spittler's "Lovestruck" designs A closer look at Spittler's "Lovestruck" designs


"For this design I started with the idea of words on candy, like a traditional Valentine’s conversation heart. Then, to convey the idea of being playfully and metaphorically smacked across the face by love, I pulled visual references from the ‘60s Batman TV show. The colorful riff on the campy fight scenes is a silly and nostalgic conveyance of the lovestruck idea. Like being delightfully coldcocked by cupid."

-Do you have a favorite comic book character/super hero?

"I do love Linda Carter's Wonder Woman."

-Is love the greatest super power there is?

"Love is the greatest anything there is. Love conquers all. But, I wouldn't mind being able to fly, too."

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