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An Interview with May's Featured Artist, Christopher Maley

Christopher Maley painting

Another First Friday is upon us! For the month of May, we're excited to be featuring the works of Rochester's own Christopher Maley. Christopher's paintings teeter on surreality and feature vibrant colors and figures that look as though they were plucked straight from a lucid dream. In our interview, he shared some insight on his healthy obsessions that contribute to his creative process.

What is your earliest memory of being inspired to make art?

I've always been obsessed with investigation, deconstruction, reappropriation, and the creative processes in general. I don't have an earliest memory of being inspired in that way, I think I've been like this since the beginning.

Does art "run in the family" or do you pick it up independently?

Yeah, it's a family affair. We all have a drive that manifests itself slightly differently.

Is there a piece you're most proud of? On the contrary, are there any you've secretly stashed away to pretend they never happened?

Not sure if I have a favorite painting, the ones that interest me the most are the ones I don't understand. And yes, I create a lot of bad art that no one ever sees.

Is there any type of media you haven't tried your hand at that you'd like to get into in the future?

I've always felt that some of my work would look cool if sculpted out of wood. That will likely be my next venture.

Christopher Maley 2


Christopher's opening will take place in our shop on Friday, May 1st from 6:00-9:00 PM. To coincide with the opening, we'll be offering a free tasting of some of our spring chocolates. You can view more of Christopher Maley's artwork here.


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