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Artist of the Month: Mike Maltese

Hedonism is about all sensory pleasure and at the beginning of each month, our Chocolate and Ice Cream shops appeal to not only our senses of smell and taste, but also to that of sight through the work of local artists. For the month of September, we have the great pleasure to feature the work of Mike Maltese.

Mike first found success in art during elementary school, when he was named the winner of a Superintendent’s Choice Award for a painting he completed in art class. This award and his continued recognition for his talent in the art field motivated him to continue to make art.

Mike made his way through his education, exploring watercolor in his piece, “Watercolor Still Life,” in an Advanced Placement Art Studio class.  Looking back on his art career, he loves that watercolor piece the most, as it was really the first time he explored the medium – now, his medium of choice. He loves to utilize watercolors’ tendency to run and blend together, then apply techniques to alter the look and texture. Ultimately, “the unpredictability of the watercolor determines the outcome of the final pieces that I create,” Mike said.

Mike recently graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Industrial Design. He continues to complete his fine artwork while exploring design opportunities in the Rochester area.

Mike’s exhibit in our Ice Cream shop will officially open on Sept. 4 from 6-9 p.m. for First Friday. It will remain available for viewing throughout September. rf

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