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Artist of the Month: Paul A. Bouchard

Throughout the year, our ice cream and chocolate shops appeal to your senses of smell and taste, as well as sight through the work of local artists. At the beginning of each month, we use the Hedonist Ice Cream gallery to showcase the efforts of local artists. For the month of April, we have the unique pleasure of featuring the assemblage work of Paul. A Bouchard.

Mr. Bouchard's fascination with art started early. Elementary school classes and family trips to museums cultivated his visual and historical interests. This early fascination turned into a lifelong practice across a variety of different media. Mr. Bouchard's efforts have been exhibited throughout the northeastern United States. Mr. Bouchard has found success in a number of different materials, including monoprints, oil and watercolor paintings, and the assemblage efforts that are currently on display.

Mr. Bouchard aspires to “make people appreciate the environment around them. To see what is unseen and to realize that art is everywhere!” The desire to connect the audience to their environment is especially evident in the work currently displayed in the Hedonist gallery. Each assemblage shown was made from objects found by Mr. Bouchard in antique stores, even the side of the road. They are inspired primarily by the efforts of the surrealist Joseph Cornell. Mr. Bouchard relies on his intuition, years of experience and practice enable to understand when any given piece is finished. Mr. Bouchard's show will officially open Friday the 1st, and will be displayed throughout the month of April.

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