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Artist of the Month: Shealyn Rapp

Hedonism is about all sensory pleasure and at the beginning of each month, our Chocolate and Ice Cream shops appeal to not only our senses of smell and taste, but also to that of sight through the work of local artists.

For the month of November, we have the great pleasure of featuring the art of Shealyn Rapp.

Rapp began exploring art at a young age in elementary school when she created a cityscape with 3-D features from oil, pastels, pencil and paper. She associates this as a critical part to the beginning of her career, as it was in a “positive environment and the people around me – my parents and art teacher – really were proud of me, so it gave me a good affiliation to creating,” she said.

Rapp is not just an artist, but a musician, as well, who sings and plays baritone, concert, and soprano ukulele.

As Rapp has developed more as an artist, she has intertwined art with music. “The harmony between them is important to me because through my art I express a more fantasy related, non-realistic side of myself that is more goofy and colorful,” Rapp said. “My art is where I get to make that side of myself a tangible creation. My music is where I express my emotions and it's where I can be more serious, as well as more happy, or anywhere in between. Making both art and music help me let out many sides of myself that I may not otherwise be able to.”

Rapp’s exhibit will officially open on Friday Oct. 2 with a public tasting and meet-and-greet with Rapp and our staff from 6-9 p.m. rf

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