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Artists of the Month: Mike Turzanski and Peter Lazarski

Hedonism is
all about sensory pleasure. Throughout the year, our ice cream and chocolate shops appeal to your senses of smell and taste. We also satisfy your cravings for interesting imagery. At the beginning of each month, we use the Hedonist Ice Cream gallery to showcase the efforts of local artists. For the month of May, we have the pleasure of featuring the work of Mike Turzanski and Peter Lazarski

Mr. Turzanski is never satisfied. It does not matter if he is scoring a commercial, designing T-shirts for New York City fashion brands, taking photographs, or creating album covers; he is constantly making efforts to evolve and improve his work. His drive has produced a plethora of imaginative drawings, musical tracks, prints, and photographs that attempt to capture the absurd, amusing situations generated by everyday life and the company of friends.

Mr. Lazarski works to capture the attention of viewers with intense colors and images. Efforts draw inspiration from fantastic, larger than life concepts such as Japanese monsters, Halloween, and video-games. His work extends far beyond prints and paintings. In his spare time, Mr. Lazarski is creating a video-game called Halloween Forever that recreates the spookiness of All Hallow's Eve, everyday. You can watch Mr. Lazarski work to bring his video-game to life every Monday and Wednesday night.

This is not the first time these two creatives have collaborated with fantastic results. Last year, the duo successfully campaigned to complete and publish the fifth issue of their mind-bending project Hope Mountain.

Mr. Turzanski's and Mr. Lazarski's ice cream – inspired efforts will debut this Friday, May 6th.

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