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Blackcurrant Pepper Goat Cheese Truffle

Blackcurrant Pepper Goat Cheese

When you walk the way of hedonism, you often end up taking many walks on the wild side. That’s a side we fully embrace when we want to take our senses on a stroll. Our Goat Cheese truffle collection easily falls into this category of counterculture with its unique flavors, particularly the Blackcurrant Pepper Goat Cheese truffle.

Whenever we craft any kind of chocolate, we look to local areas for our ingredients as much as possible. We feel fortunate to be surrounded by the Finger Lakes, a region recognized for offering wonderful wines, spirits, and fruit-- all of which are quite useful to us. So, when creating the Blackcurrant Pepper Goat Cheese truffle, we of course wanted to include Finger Lakes Distilling Cassis as a key component. A cassis is a sweet, dark red liqueur that is made from blackcurrants, making it an obvious choice for this chocolate.

In the first bite of our Blackcurrant Pepper Goat Cheese truffle, the anticipated strong flavor of the blackcurrant is more subtle than you might imagine. The tart and creamy chevre works well to establish a good balance. Like our other goat cheese truffles, the Blackcurrant Pepper is enrobed in 55% semi-sweet chocolate, making it a must-have for fans of creamy, dark-but-not-too-dark chocolate. When you take that last bite, you’ll feel like you’ve walked on the wild side and come back with a story of sweet sensory satisfaction to tell!

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