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Campaign Working to Make the Amazon Leader of Cacao Industry Again

cacao podsFor quite some time now, the world's demand for cacao has been steadily growing (can ya blame us?). This rising demand has subsequently been accompanied by a rising price, however.

Thanks to a new campaign known as United Cacao Ltd., there is hope for accommodating the major demand for the chocolate-producing crop. The campaign, founded by former banker Dennis Melka, hopes to revive cacao farming in the Amazon. Currently, West Africa makes up more than 70 percent of the cacao supply market, but has struggled to keep up with demands due to factors such as disease, drought, and government interference.

Melka and his associates believe shifting the cacao industry's control back to the Amazon-- where the crop was first discovered-- can help solve the issues of demand shortages and rising prices. Hopefully the campaign is a major success; because though we can't speak for the rest of the world, we don't plan on wanting any less chocolate in our lives.

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