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Champagne Pomegranate Truffle


The holidays are a time for celebrating the season with family and friends. Laughter, delicious drinks, and tasty treats always abound in these settings, essentially making them havens for hedonists. Since champagne is a signature drink for celebrations and chocolate is our pleasure-provider of choice, it made perfect sense to create a Champagne Pomegranate truffle!

The pomegranate aspect of our Champagne Pomegranate truffle is inspired by the holiday tradition of having Pomosas with breakfast. Pomosas are much like Mimosas, except pomegranate juice is substituted for orange juice. To recreate this flavor, we make a dark chocolate ganache dashed with champagne and pomegranate liqueur. After enrobing it in dark chocolate, we lightly sprinkle sugar on top for some sparkle and a little extra sweetness.

When you’re gathered around the fire having hearty laughs with your friends and family this season, you might want to open up a few boxes of our Holiday Truffle Collection to add to the indulging. Sip some champagne or a Pomosa while you taste the Champagne Pomegranate truffle—it’s the perfect pairing! Your senses are sure to thank you later.

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