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Our Blog: Chocolate Talk

Chocolate and Wine, so Divine!

Late summer is a time for picnics, barbecues, and late-night conversations on the front porch. And where there are gatherings of people, there is sure to be food and drink. Next time you grab a glass of bubbly and head for the back deck, or sit around the campfire with a glass of crisp hard cider, consider bringing some of our fresh, decadent chocolates along. Here are a few examples of our favorite pairings here at Hedonist:

1. Milk Chocolate Sesame Bark with Pinot Grigio

Sesame bark for blog

Actually, any crisp, light-bodied white wine will do. Our sesame bark is velvety-sweet and nutty, and the savory sharpness of sesame seeds pairs well with a dryer, lighter wine.




2. Bittersweet Truffles with Cabernet Sauvignon


One of our favorite pastimes after getting home from a long day of hand crafting and packing chocolates is curling up with a good book and glass of red wine to enjoy some of the fruits of our labor. Nothing beats dark chocolate and red wine. Our classic truffle is rich and dark with just the right amount of sweetness, and pairs perfectly with a full-bodied dry or semi-sweet red wine.


3. Milk Chocolate Salted Caramels with Hard Apple Cider

Salted Carmels- truffle 2

Yes, we know that Fall is still a couple of months away, but...um, candied apples, anyone?! Indulge your late-night sweet and salty cravings by letting one of our famous salted caramels melt on your tongue before sipping a semi-dry, light-bodied cider. You'll want a slightly tarter cider to complement the creamy sweetness of the milk chocolate and caramel.

P.S. Salted caramels can also make good friends for a sweet Spumante champagne.


4. Lavender Truffle with Sparkling Rosé

Lavender Collection - truffle 1

This pairing is great for afternoon teas or picnics. Our lavender truffle is made with a white chocolate ganache infused with fragrant dried lavender flowers, enrobed in rich dark chocolate and dusted with cocoa powder. Creamy-sweet white chocolate pairs wonderfully with a bubbly, slightly fruity rosé, and the lavender adds an irresistible floral twist.



Above are just a few of the endless possibilities in the realm of chocolate and alcohol pairings. And you needn't limit yourself to alcoholic beverages, either! Dark chocolate pairs delightfully with almost everything - fresh cranberry juice or a foamy cappuccino, for instance! So get out there, Hungry Hedonists, have fun and get creative and don't forget to tell us all about your new discoveries the next time you stop in for a chocolate fix. -SS

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