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Our Blog: Chocolate Talk

Chocolate for Any and Every Occasion


There’s a scenario that’s all too familiar to everyone: You need a gift, quickly, and you’re clueless. Well, they say that the answer you’re looking for is often right under your nose. If you’re a hedonist, this is certainly the case, as you’re most likely leaning in to look at a display of chocolate truffles that are just waiting to be chosen for a custom collection. Problem solved.

Chocolate is something that is so universally adored, it seems that you can almost never go wrong when giving it as a gift. Its versatility creates possibilities for pleasure that are seemingly limitless. Chocolate can tickle the fancy of those who are hardest to please just as well as it can be delightfully fancy for those who are easy to tickle.

Food allergies and preferences are a common concern customers have when looking for a chocolatey gift to give. Shopping for someone who is dairy-free tends to be worry-free as we specialize in dark chocolate. Those who are seeking something for a dairy-free person with nut allergies might feel a bit more limited, but they still have a variety of options to choose from. Once in a while, a customer will come in to find something for someone who has the trifecta of trickiness: they’re a gluten-free vegan with a deathly-serious nut allergy. The sweat on the brow of such a brave customer is swiftly wiped when we point out the safe selections they can still make. Extra Bittersweet Bark, chocolate-dipped fruits, and our Fruit & Nut Collection to the rescue!

In the conversations we have at the counter with customers, we are continuously reminded just how appreciated chocolate is in any instance. It can be a ‘thank you’ to a friend, an apology to a significant other, or a simple source of happiness for someone who is having a bad day. Whatever the occasion calls for, be it formal or casual, the elegance of chocolate is inevitable-- as is the elation that results once the gift is given.

Pleasure, handcrafted. Hedonist Artisan Chocolates are handmade with fresh ingredients to give as gifts or indulge yourself.
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