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Chocolate For Your Health? Yes!

choco healthAll of us hedonists seem to be in full agreement that chocolate is an excellent means of satisfying the five senses simultaneously. We know without a doubt that eating chocolate is good for your spirit, as it can bring about a euphoria that can turn a bad day right around; but what if you were to find out that it has legitimate health benefits? Well, good news, you’re about to feel even more justified when you indulge in those Salted Caramels on your counter.

Chocolate is made from cacao beans, and cacao contains the alkaloid theobromine. This is the compound commonly confused for caffeine in chocolate. Shortly after its discovery, theobromine was recommended as a treatment for edema and various forms of angina (chest pain) by the Principles of Medical Treatment publication in 1916.

Today, theobromine is often used in modern medicine to widen blood vessels, which can treat high blood pressure and also stimulate the heart. Due to its successful use in medicine so far, The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that future studies should consider using theobromine in treatment of other circulatory problems including arteriosclerosis, various vascular diseases, and hypertension. There have even been patents made on the future use of theobromine in the field of cancer prevention.

For some, eating chocolate is merely a means of instant gratification for the sensory stimulation that they’re seeking. A saving grace for a less-than-stellar day, a chance to change their mood. For others, however, the effects of chocolate just might have a positive impact that lasts far longer than a day. Happiness is essential to health, and living life as a hedonist is a wonderful way of achieving both.

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