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Classic Chocolate


The modern world is moving at a rapid rate, thanks to what’s being referred to as “The Digital Age.” Though, it seems that despite ‘new’ being the norm more and more when it comes to just about anything these days, there is still a fond appreciation for what came before. The simplified versions, the traditional ways, the classics. Ah, yes, the classics!

The word ‘classic’ tends to bring about immediate association with universally adored art, music, movies, literature, and more. Rochester, particularly, has always embraced and encouraged all of these. Our city celebrates the classics with the Memorial Art Gallery, the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, the Dryden Theatre, and all of the independent bookstores around town. With chocolate being an art form itself, bring about satisfaction to the senses much like these other forms of art, we hedonists of course have to have our own take on classic chocolate.

So, what makes chocolate qualify as classic? The broader scope of chocolate as a whole can be considered classic for various reasons. Traditions involving chocolate, such as it being the go-to dessert of choice for so many people all around the world, are at the foundation of this. From these traditions came classic pairings, such as different chocolates with different wines.

Holidays and special occasions have contributed greatly to the rise of chocolate traditions. Christmas, Mother’s Day, Easter, and of course Valentine’s Day are the most major holidays for our shop. As time goes on, though, people continue to find more and more reasons to give chocolate as a gift. And who can blame that trend? If you want to satisfy someone, what better way than to appeal to all of their senses at once? That’s why we went ahead and created our version of the quintessential collection of what we consider to be the most classic chocolate flavors. Enter our Classic Truffle Collection...

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