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Coconut Curry Bark

coconut curry1

Living life as a hedonist means finding those collaborations between your senses that bring about immense pleasure. That's why when we make chocolate, we try to create combinations that do not commonly occur. Of all of our confections, many customers consider our Coconut Curry Bark to be the most unique.

Like any artisan chocolate should, the Coconut Curry Bark pleases not only the sense of taste, but the sense of sight as well. Some say it has an appearance similar to a modern-era abstract painting. With vibrant stripes of yellow swirling through dark chocolate, all adorned with flakes of coconut, there is a beauty to behold before even biting into this bark.

The Coconut Curry Bark is also revered for featuring organic and local ingredients. Blended through the 30% cocoa butter white chocolate that forms the foundation of this bark is an organic Madras curry powder. The local flavor featured is a subtle touch of salt from Seneca Lake Salt Company, which is only an hour South of of our shop in Rochester, New York. Combined, these components of our Coconut Curry bark create a flavor that is sweet, spicy, and savory all once, appealing to the adventurous hedonists seeking a unique chocolate experience.

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