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Hedonist History Lesson: Don't Knock Fruit Cake

One of our new items this year is our Fruit Cake truffle, a classic holiday flavor. These truffles are exclusive to our Rochester, NY shop. You may think “Gross, fruit cake,” due to the infamous mail order fruit cakes, but you shouldn’t knock these before you try them.

Our Fruit Cake truffle features walnuts, cranberry, fig, orange peel, molasses, ginger, champagne, pomegranate liqueur, brandy, orange liqueur, cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, natural vanilla. It is our interpretation of the recipe that has evolved over time and throughout the world.

Fruit cake is typically a cake made with chopped candied fruit and may also include dried fruit, nuts, spices and spirits, such as brandy and liqueur. It originated in ancient Rome with pomegranate seeds, pine nuts and raisins with a barley mash then developed more in the Middle Ages with honey, spices and preserved fruits. It became most popular in the 16th century, however, when the American Colonies had an excess of sugar and used it to preserve fruits. Later, it became infamous due to the influx of mail order fruit cakes in the United States.

Our Fruit Cake truffle is available as individual pieces ($2 each) or in truffle bags (4 oz., $15) at our Rochester location. You can also call the shop to place an order for pick-up or shipment. They differ slightly: The Fruit Cake truffle in the display features a white-chocolate striping, while the truffles in the bag are enrobed and dusted in cocoa powder. rf

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