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Outgrown the Egg Hunt? All is Not Lost!

Hedonist Easter Chocolate Eggs

Ever since my parents declared me “too old” for eggs hunts and stopped hiding chocolates in the house plants, Easter hasn’t been the same. I miss scouring the living room on my hands and knees, competing with my siblings to see who could find the most eggs. I especially miss discovering the inevitable forgotten egg that had been so well-hidden it wasn’t found until June.

I’m sure others must feel the same way I do about outgrowing favorite childhood traditions. But the good news is that you don’t have to give up your Easter chocolates just because you’ve moved past the hunt. There are plenty of Easter chocolates that can satisfy the more mature sweet tooth, so you’re not reduced to snacking on leftover, stale jelly beans. The seasonal offerings at Hedonist Artisan Chocolates are a real Easter upgrade: rich, decadent treats for the serious chocolate connoisseur. So don’t despair about sitting out the egg hunt: there’s something even better right under your nose.

Easter Chocolate Rabbits

Naturally, it wouldn’t be Easter without bunnies and eggs, and the Hedonist kitchen is busy churning out chocolate versions of both at this time of year. Bunnies and larger rabbits are hand-poured one at a time in plastic molds, then given a quick shake on an electric vibrating table, which ensures that no air bubbles get trapped in the chocolate. Both the bunnies and rabbits are available in bittersweet chocolate, milk chocolate, and in semisweet chocolate with almonds. As a finishing touch, each one is nestled in green Easter grass, bagged, and tied with a ribbon.

Easter Solid Eggs

If eggs are more your style, Hedonist has a diverse array this spring. Solid chocolate eggs are available in bittersweet, milk, and semisweet and are individually wrapped in cobalt, light blue, and turquoise foil and bedecked with pattern accents. These life-size eggs, weighing in at about 1.3 ounces, are available to purchase singly (in-store only) or as a set of six (two of each flavor), whimsically packaged in a cardboard egg carton. Don’t hide these around the house or the garden – you’re better off keeping them for yourself.

Easter Farm Eggs

For a truly decadent Easter experience, however, the set of three farm eggs can’t be beat. These glossy beauties are available in bittersweet, milk, and white chocolate, filled with salted caramel, peanut butter ganache, and coconut-lime ganache, respectively. If you’re wondering about those life-like speckles on the surface of the eggs, they are achieved by hand-painting colored cocoa butter. The egg molds are coated in chocolate, filled with the appropriate caramel or ganache, then sealed off with more chocolate. The eggs are left to set overnight before being popped out and packaged in clear plastic containers. It’s a lot of work for a little egg, but one taste proves it’s worth it.

Easter truffle bags are also available. Featuring three distinct truffle flavors — peanut butter, coconut lime, and bittersweet — these truffles are lovingly hand-rolled, enrobed in 72% dark chocolate, and powdered in 100% Valrohna Cocoa Powder.

For more information about the ever-changing seasonal selections at Hedonist Artisan Chocolates, visit hedonistchocolates.com or call 585-461-2815.

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