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Egg Nog Truffle

Egg NogOur Holiday collection is centered around the goal of capturing the sensory essence of the holidays. With each bite of each truffle, we strive to create a nostalgic joyride. And when it comes to nostalgia, few confections can compete with Egg Nog truffles!

When creating chocolate that is representative of another food or drink, it is sometimes necessary to recreate the flavor. This was necessary in creating the Egg Nog truffle because actual egg nog contains raw ingredients that would not keep in our chocolate. Fortunately, the flavor was accomplished by using our creamy white chocolate, E&J Brandy, and roasted nutmeg.

Take a taste of our Egg Nog truffle, and you might have a fond flashback of a fun family gathering several Decembers ago. As you enjoy the sprinkle of nutmeg atop the chocolate, you just might think back to the laughs you had with a glass of egg nog in hand. Who knows, you might even toast this truffle instead of a drink, saying 'cheers' to the promise of more memories being made!

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