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Goat Cheese Collection: Chile Cinnamon Truffle

Chile CinnamonPosted by Jasmine

2000 years ago, the cacao tree was discovered in the rainforests of what is now Central and South America. The Mayan empire was the first to cultivate cacao, replanting the trees and harvesting, fermenting, roasting, and grinding the seeds. From the ground seeds, they created a spicy, bitter, frothy chocolate drink. The Maya also traded the cacao beans with another great empire, the Aztecs. These ancient cultures occupied the expanse of land now known as Mexico.

As part of the summer Goat Cheese Collection, Hedonist has included the Chile Cinnamon truffle. The 55% dark chocolate ganache is infused with Mexican flavors in tribute to chocolate's ancient roots.

The first ingredient is ancho, a Mexican Chile that is ground down into a fine, richly flavored powder. The second is cinnamon, which originated in Sri Lanka, became popular in Mexico when it came with the Spaniards during the 16th century. This spice quickly became a staple in Mexican cooking and now finds a place in the Chile Cinnamon truffle. Cacao nibs, which are the edible part of cacao beans that have been roasted and hulled, also are mixed into the ganache for texture. And last, but not at all least, is the creamy chevre goat cheese that defines the Goat Cheese Collection.

After the ganache is cut into squares and enrobed in 72% dark chocolate, granulated sugar is sprinkled on top to give each truffle the appearance of a geode. Geodes, which are rocks filled with crystals, are common in Mexico.

The Chile Cinnamon truffle is available as part of Hedonist’s Summer Goat Cheese Collection. Other truffles in the collection are Black Current, Strawberry Balsamic, Fig and Honey, and Thyme Pepper Pistachio. Although Hedonist has made a few different truffles with goat cheese in the past, this is the first full collection to feature the savory creaminess of chevre cheese.

Hedonist’s Goat Cheese Collection is currently available at our South Wedge kitchen. When the weather cools down in September, you'll also be able to order them from our website. If you absolutely must have them shipped during the summer, you can call us at 585-461-2815 and we will personally handle your order to ensure that it arrives safely.

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