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Goat Cheese Collection: Thyme Pepper Pistachio

Thyme Pepper PistachioPosted by Jasmine

The pistachio nut has grown in the Middle East since ancient times. The small nuts were considered food for the royal and the rich. Legend has it that fine pistachios were a favorite delicacy of the Queen of Sheba. Though thought to have originated in Persia and Western India, the crop is now grown across the world, including California.

Thyme, a fragrant herb, is said to have derived its name from the Greek word thymos or thumos, meaning spiritedness or courage. Thyme was especially popular in ancient Greece and Rome, where it was burned as incense, used to preserve wine, and believed to prevent nightmares and repel scorpions. Soldiers in Ancient Rome, as well as Medieval Europe, bathed in or drank thyme tea to boost their courage before heading into battle.

Hedonist’s Thyme Pepper Pistachio truffle was inspired by the earthy tones of a nut and goat cheese salad. The truffles’ ganache is made of 55% dark chocolate, chevre goat cheese, dried thyme, black pepper, and olive oil. The ganache is hand-rolled in Hedonist’s kitchen and then rolled in crushed pistachios.

The Thyme Pepper Pistachio truffle is available as part of Hedonist’s Goat Cheese Collection. Other truffles in the collection are Black Current, Chile Cinnamon, Strawberry Balsamic and Fig &Honey. Although Hedonist has made a few different truffles with goat cheese in the past, this is the first full collection to feature the savory creaminess of chevre cheese.

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