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Goat Cheese Whiskey Fig Truffle

whiskey fig

One of our primary objectives at Hedonist Artisan Chocolates is to not only make chocolate that pleases all the senses symphonically, but to do so by creating chocolate that is unique. We of course offer the traditional flavors, the classic combinations-- but creating confections that are unlike other chocolate choices a customer is used to is where we thrive. And of all the chocolates that we make, few offer as unique of a flavor experience as the Goat Cheese Whiskey Fig truffle.

When the name ‘Goat Cheese Whiskey Fig’ is uttered by a first-time customer in our shop, it’s usually in the form of a question. Though our shop is not located on the set of Jeopardy, we are quite used to this. The supplementary question that follows is understandable as well, and that question is “Is that all one flavor?”. When we assure them it is, the excitement tends to be equal on both sides of the counter.

Any true indulger of the senses knows that the pairing of chocolate and cheese is a match made in hedonist heaven. That aspect of this truffle is easy to grasp. It tends to be the fact that the cheese we chose is goat cheese that will sometimes throw someone off. Delivered to us by the family of farmers at Lively Run Goat Dairy in Interlaken, New York, the goat cheese in the ganache that our chocolatiers create adds a creamy texture that takes this truffle to another level of lusciousness.

The ‘whiskey’ and ‘fig’ in ‘Goat Cheese Whiskey Fig’ are not so much separate ingredients as they are a collaborative unit. The organic Black Mission Figs from Bella Viva Orchard inside of this cheese-blended chocolate is bathed in bourbon before being enrobed in 72% dark chocolate. So, no, the alcohol content of this truffle is not nearly enough to make you technically intoxicated, but its flavor may send your senses on a welcomed whirlwind just the same.

Goat Cheese Whiskey Fig is a truffle that sometimes starts with a head scratch but ends with a satisfied stomach rub. We welcome the frequently asked questions that come with this truffle as well as all of our other chocolates. The beauty of being a hedonist is knowing as much as possible about your pleasures, and part of that pleasure is sharing the knowledge with others.

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