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Going the Distance with Goat Cheese


goat cheese collectionWhen you have the heart and the hunger of a hedonist, you often choose the adventurous path in pursuit of pleasure. Naturally, our creative processes tend to take the path of adventure more times than not when we’re crafting our artisan chocolates. In creating the chocolates that would become our Goat Cheese truffle collection, we relied on that adventurous tendency in hopes that it would invite a similar spirit in others. So if you’re eager to take your senses for a ride in pursuit of pleasure, get ready to go the distance with our Goat Cheese truffle collection! Here’s what to expect in the coming weeks…

-What is Chevre?

We’ll explore some of the history of goat cheese, its connection to chocolate, and even share some recipes!

-Our Relationship with Lively Run Goat Dairy

The goat cheese we use is fresh and local, so we’ll be talking about the source it comes from, which is a family-run farm not too far from our shop!

-The Truffles in the Collection

Each truffle in our Goat Cheese Collection has its own unique identity, so we’ll be getting to know each of them individually. Find out where their ingredients come from, how they’re made, and what they taste like!

-Percival on Tour

Who would be better to represent our Goat Cheese Truffle collection than a goat?! Percival is not just the mascot of Hedonist Artisan Chocolates, he’s also a full-fledged rock star and a very cultured foodie. In the weeks to come, we’ll chronicle his tour around Rochester and hear his perspective on the other businesses in our city.

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