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Hedonist at Home: Caramel Popcorn Recipe

Caramel Popcorn

As any indulger will tell you, the holidays are prime-time for snacking. Though it's often convenient to stop at a store for your holiday snacks, some may wish to make something themselves at home. And trust us, the process itself can provide plenty of pleasure for your senses!

One of the most popular snacks of this season is caramel popcorn. All of us here at Hedonist are big fans of anything that blends sweet and savory, so this holiday treat is a major favorite. We of course want our fellow hedonists out there to share in the indulging, so here's how you can make your own caramel popcorn at home!


-2 bags of popcorn -1 cup of butter -3/4 cup of sugar -1 Tbsp water -salt (add as needed) *candy thermometer (optional)-1 cup of butter-

-3/4 cup of sugar

-1 Tbsp water

-salt (add to taste)

-2 bags of popcorn




-Melt the butter in a pot

-Add sugar and water, stir lightly

-Cook until golden brown (if using candy thermometer, cook until 280-300 degrees)

-Pop popcorn in microwave, place in bowl



-Pour caramel onto popcorn, mix with spatula






-Add desired amount of salt

-Place popcorn on tray with parchment paper

-Cool to room temperature before serving



Making caramel popcorn at home is sure to satisfy not just your senses, but the senses of all those around you! Have a party, share a bowl with a date, or just treat yourself to this sweet and savory snack after a long day. Happy indulging!

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