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Hedonist History Lesson: Drinking Chocolate

Drinking chocolate, hot chocolate -- what's the difference? Let's go back to the beginning: As early as the 16th century, the Hernán Cortés and the Aztecs were first to discover the drink by reinventing its  main currency, cocoa beans. The soon-to-be-popular drink spread to upper-class Europeans by the late 1600s and in 1828, a Dutch man created a machine that produced cocoa powder. Coenraad Van Houten and his cocoa press took cocoa and salt to make the cocoa solids more water-soluble. This became known as the "Dutch process" chocolate. The result? Light powder that was easily soluble in milk or water.

Drinking chocolate continued to evolve into something that we know as hot chocolate. Originating in the United States, hot chocolate is typically a powder mixture of milk, cocoa powder and sugar. It includes milk or another dairy product so that it only requires water when preparing it. It is very sweet and not nearly as thick, but is topped with marshmallows, whipped cream or more chocolate.

At Hedonist, we create four different types of drinking chocolate -- Bittersweet, Cinnamon Chipotle, Milk Chocolate Chai, and Lavender Lemongrass. We take our French chocolate and gourmet cocoa powder with bold flavors to create these drinking chocolate. Explore our drinking chocolate! rf

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