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History of Pomanders: How Orange Clove Came to Be a Holiday Truffle

Orange CloveThe holiday season is likely the most stimulating time of year for the senses. With signature smells, sights, sounds, tastes, and textures, it’s a huge hurrah for hedonists. When creating our Orange Clove truffle for the Holiday collection, we wanted to capture the essence of the season and tie in tradition as well.

Our Orange Clove truffle is intended to emulate the aroma of a pomander. Derived from the French term pomme d’ambre, which means ‘apple of amber,’ a pomander is essentially a ball assembled from various fragrant herbs. Pomanders originated in the Middle Ages and served a variety of purposes through history, including protection against illnesses and representing a religious keepsake. The scent of a pomander is meant to be both appealing and soothing, which is why pomanders are now considered to be among the earliest forms of aromatherapy.

Pomanders would eventually make their way into holiday culture as a popular homemade gift. Many families craft the scented balls by piercing fruits with strong herbs and then wrapping them in netting. A favorite form of pomander for many families is an orange studded with cloves. When given as a gift, it can be used to keep clothes freshly scented in a drawer. Seeing as scent and taste are the two closest senses, we were certain an Orange Clove chocolate would easily evoke nostalgia. With each bite of our Orange Clove truffles, we hope to send our fellow hedonists time-travelling back to their happiest holiday memories.

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