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Is There Caffeine in Chocolate?

DSC_1207When shuffling through bags of bark in the later evening hours, customers will often ask, “Is this chocolate going to keep me up all night?”. As proud hedonists, we like to believe that our chocolate is indeed going to keep them up all night, because they’ll be lying awake thinking about how unbelievably delicious it is. We do realize, however, that they’re more than likely curious about the amount of caffeine in the chocolate.

Though it is commonly believed that chocolate contains caffeine, the technical answer is that it does not. Chocolate does, however, contain an alkaloid known as theobromine, which originates in the cacao plant itself. Though its effects are not as strong, theobromine does impact the human nervous in a manner similar to caffeine. This is likely where the misconception of chocolate containing actual caffeine comes from.

When we as hedonists emphasize the greatness and grandeur of all things chocolate, we aren’t just being delusional due to its delightful decadence. The name theobromine comes from the name of the genus of the cacao tree, which is Theobroma. In Greek, theo means “God” and broma means “food,” meaning Theobroma translates to “food of the Gods.” So, when someone tries our chocolate and claims that it tastes “heavenly” or “divine,” that’s because it is! We have the science to back it up.

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