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June's Artist of the Month: Bradley Butler

"Meandering Forward" by Bradley Butler "Meandering Forward" by Bradley Butler

At the beginning of each month, we get to appeal to not only the senses of smell and taste, but also to that of sight. Hedonism is about ALL sensory pleasure, which is why we host the work of local artists each month. For the month of June, we have the pleasure of featuring the paintings of Bradley Butler.

Bradley's approach to his painting process is somewhat existential in nature. Each time he starts the strokes of a new work, it is an exploration of the mind with no real path carved out (hence the above title "Meandering Forward"). Regarding this process, Bradley stated, "When you think about the world, there's not much more we can really discover. So, I think of painting as something I have to discover on the canvas and that's why I use an intuitive approach."

Bradley further elaborated that many of his pieces come about in a call-and-response manner from session to session, stating, "I make a mark and then just know that I have to respond to it with another mark. There's really no telling when it's going to be done, I just know that I have to spend a lot of time on it."

You can view Bradley's paintings in our shop from now until the end of June.

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