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Our Blog: Chocolate Talk

Ken's Secret Stash

I’m having fun experimenting with new flavors for my upcoming collection. So far the only thing I know is that Salt and Malt is a cinch lock to make the final cut. If you haven’t tried it yet, I think there are about four single Salty Malties in existence right now, so if you want a preview, then head straight for the kitchen and ask for it by name. Don’t be shy, it’s not on the board, just ask for something from Ken’s Secret Stash. Oh, and you can see if that code can liberate my St. Patty’s Day special Jameson Mint or Nutty Irishman for you. Yes, they’ve become rare, and we’re nearly cleaned out of those as well. In the works right now is a dark chocolate blackberry lemonade, which should join the ranks of my other underground truffles by week’s end.

Seriously, ask Jennie what’s in my Secret Stash, and please do it real sneaky-like. If you’re not specific, she’ll lead you to believe that all we have is what’s’ on the board. Truth is, sometimes the crazy chocolate apprentices try some very interesting things that she isn’t quite ready to put her mark on. However, you just might be the adventurous person who wants to get those super rare truffles that nobody’s talking about… yet.

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