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Lemon Pepper Truffle

DSC_1059Chicken and chocolate: interchangeable, right? Well, no, that’s certainly not always true. We did, however, manage to find a flavor normally attributed to chicken that works just as well as a chocolate truffle. That flavor is Lemon Pepper. And who are we kidding-- it’s even better as a chocolate!

Our Lemon Pepper truffle is a standout in our seasonal Spice Truffle Collection. Offering just the right amount of warmth without overpowering the chocolate, this truffle is placed as the starter inside the box, setting the spice tone nicely.

To create the flavorful ganache for the Lemon Pepper truffle, we use black pepper, organic lemon zest, and corn vodka in white chocolate. We opt to use corn as a means of ensuring that the truffle is gluten-free, as a large number of our customers have dietary restrictions involving gluten. With these ingredients, we can please more palates, which is exactly what we love to do!

Pleasure, handcrafted. Hedonist Artisan Chocolates are handmade with fresh ingredients to give as gifts or indulge yourself.
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