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Milk Chocolate Truffle

milk truffles

Every once in a while, you just want what you’re used to. Much like most people have heard a Beethoven piece in their lives, most people have also eaten and enjoyed milk chocolate. And like Beethoven seemed to recognize in many of his musical pieces, sometimes simplicity is what sells-- which is why this truffle needs nothing more than milk chocolate and cream to be delicious.

Obviously, we wouldn't just make a plain milk chocolate truffle with an ordinary appearance. We are hedonists, after all, so it's basically instinctive for us to appeal to as many senses as possible, whenever possible. That’s why the finishing touch on our Milk Chocolate truffle is a sophisticated stripe pattern of dark chocolate (we couldn't resist adding just a tiny bit of dark chocolate!). Like fingers on piano keys in the opening notes of “Moonlight Sonata,” the thin stripes of dark dance across the milky surface of this truffle, adding the perfect amount of elegance.

So when you take your first bite into this truffle, don’t be surprised if you hear music. The collaboration of cream and milk chocolate is sure to bring about scrumptious symphony that might feel familiar yet like the first time all at once. And that very feeling is at the foundation of any true classic.

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