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My Chocolate Journey

Jasmine's Collection Ingredientsby Jasmine

I remember when I first heard about creating my own collection at Hedonist. It felt like the end of a year-long internship was an eternity away. Now, I can hardly believe that it’s only a few weeks until my collection premiers.

I bounced around a so many ideas for my collection’s theme - from world flavors to flowers to berries and so many more. Each one was a great theme, but none of them struck me as really being me. None of them seemed representative of me or my journey at Hedonist. I looked back at the other interns’ themes for inspiration, and each one was their personal interpretation of their chocolate journey. So, what is my interpretation of my journey here at Hedonist?

To me, my chocolate journey has been about doing something I love while absorbing the many techniques involved in making artisan chocolates. So, by taking those two elements, I created Jasmine Mead’s Chocolate Truffle Collection – five of my favorite flavors, each created with a different technique.


Jasmine's Ginger TruffleThe ginger truffle was born mostly from curiosity. Hedonist’s ginger clusters and pistachio ginger bark both feature pieces of bold candied ginger. I wondered what a ginger ganache would taste like – one that was not overly spicy, but still left the warmth of the ginger on your tongue. It took several tries to get it the way I envisioned, but I found the right combination by infusing a 55% dark chocolate ganache with pure ginger tea. I enrobed the square truffles in 72% dark chocolate, and topped each one with a tiny piece of candied ginger and a sprinkling of purple non-perils.

Cashews are my all-time favorite nut. I wanted to find a way to highlight cashews in a way that most people wouldn’t expect, so I turned to cashew butter instead of a nut cluster. By mixing equal amounts of the creamy cashew butter with 55% semisweet chocolate – and a dash of sea salt – my cashew butter creation was born. I piped the creamy centers into milk chocolate shells, a completely different technique than enrobing a square truffle.

Although my berry theme wasn’t the one I settled on, I still couldn’t resist a berry truffle. My blueberry orange truffle has been the most difficult one to find the right balance for. Dark chocolate seemed to overpower the blueberry, no matter what recipe I tried, so I finally turned to white chocolate. The result was a deep purple colored ganache, with the sweetness of the chocolate balancing the tart of the berries. A hint of citrus is provided by the fresh orange zest. I finished these square truffles by enrobing them in dark chocolate and topping them with a cocoa butter transfer.

Jasmine's Macadamia ClusterMy collection wouldn’t be complete without another technique that I have learned in the past year – a nut cluster. The nut I chose is one that I don’t get the chance to enjoy often, but that only makes it more of a treat. My macadamia nut cluster was an obvious choice for me. I paired the buttery white nuts with 72% dark chocolate.

Cardamom LimeThe final truffle in my collection is the one that I enjoy the most – the cardamom lime truffle. Cardamom is a spice commonly used in Indian cooking, and is a primary flavor in chai tea. I like to say it’s somewhere between cinnamon and cloves – a slightly sweet, fragrant spice with a warm aftertaste. Lime is my favorite citrus fruit, and is also common in Indian food. The marriage of the two flavors in creamy white chocolate has been tricky, but has defiantly paid off. I hand rolled each of the cardamom lime truffles, enrobed them in dark chocolate, and dusted them in cocoa powder.

Although I had so many ideas for my collection, I think this theme is the one that truly shows who I am and what I’ve learned. By combining my favorite color (purple) with some of my favorite flavors and the techniques I am proud to have learned, I’ve created a collection of truffles that are my interpretation of me and my chocolate journey at Hedonist.

My collection is available for purchase at the Hedonist Artisan Chocolates shop (674 South Avenue, Rochester NY). On April 1 from 5-7pm, you can attend a free chocolate tasting at the shop featuring my truffles. If you don't live in the Rochester area you can order by phone at 585-461-2815.

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