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Our 5 Favorite Chocolate and Wine Pairings For Valentine’s Day

Looking for your one true pairing? Let us be your chocolate and wine matchmaker this Valentine’s Day! Red or white, dark or milk, we've got a pairing for everything — but sometimes we play favorites. Here’s what we’ll be nibbling and sipping on February 14th (and every other day, really).

Wine Pairing

1. Milk chocolate sesame bark + chardonnay

One of our tried-and-true all-time favorites, these two are the perfect couple you never saw coming. We swirl sesame oil right into melted milk chocolate to impart that unmistakable nutty aroma, then top it all off with toasted sesame seeds and sea salt. A buttery, oak-aged chardonnay creates a creamy, luscious harmony that’s perennially popular with our customers.

2. Raspberry espresso bark + ruby port

This bold and visually striking bark combines tart, punchy raspberries with deep, mellow espresso against a backdrop of both white and semisweet chocolate. We love this flavor explosion with a glass of ruby port, a fortified wine so named for its intense, Valentine-red hue. It’s fruity enough to draw out the perky berry notes of this bark, but full-bodied enough to support the darker notes of espresso.

3. “Be My Honey Bee” honey caramels + mead

Highlight the delicate, floral aromas of local Davis honey in these limited-edition caramels with a splash of mead! If you’re not familiar with mead, it’s made by fermenting honey with water and sometimes grains, fruits, and spices. As you’d expect, meads can be very sweet, but some drier varieties are available.

Chocolate Spice Collection

4. Spice truffle collection + white wines

If your Valentine is unconventional and likes a bit of a risk, a box of our spice collection truffles is both a gift and an adventure. We often turn to white wines when we’re eating chocolates with a kick. We love the raspberry wasabi truffle with a dry Riesling, while both the coconut curry and lemon pepper truffles marry well with a tingly Grüner Veltliner.

5. Valentine’s Day truffle assortment + Zinfandel, Madeira, and Sauvignon Blanc

Every year we like to mix things up a little with our Valentine’s Day truffle bags. This year, our classic bittersweet is joined by peanut butter and coconut passion fruit truffles. You can’t go wrong pairing deep, 72% bittersweet chocolate with a dense Zinfandel. The peanut butter truffle is complemented beautifully by Madeira, which gets its nutty flavor from being heated repeatedly. Finally, a refreshing sauvignon blanc highlights the tart, exotic flavors of passion fruit and coconut in a creamy white chocolate ganache.

Chocolate for Valentine's Day

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