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Peanut Butter Cayenne

DSC_1052When we’re creating flavors, we often find it fun to take some unexpected turns. Sometimes, putting a little twist on a traditional chocolate can bring it new and exciting life.  It was this type of mindset that led us to making Peanut Butter Cayenne, one of the stars of our Spice Truffle Collection.

What sets Peanut Butter Cayenne apart from its brethren in the Spice Truffle Collection is that it’s actually a gianduja. A gianduja is a sweet chocolate spread that typically contains about 30% hazelnut paste. Additionally, the Peanut Butter Cayenne is the only of the five Spice that contains milk chocolate. For the peanut butter, we use Once Again, a natural (and local!) peanut butter. The cayenne we use is also organic; and like the Coconut Curry truffle, we throw in some Seneca Lake Salt for an extra dash of local. Peanut butter and chocolate are no strangers to each other and the feeling in your mouth will be familiar at first—but watch out, that kick of cayenne is coming!

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