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Peppermint Bark

Candy Cane BarkToday we made some peppermint bark and ganache. I learned that classic peppermint bark is supposed to be peppermint sprinkled on a pure white chocolate over a dark chocolate base, but for me there’s something very beautiful about the way the two chocolates can get along and marble together when you drizzle white chocolate over the sheet. Jennie described this muddling as zebra stripes, and although we tried to observe proper convention and tradition making our three trays today, I was happiest with the bark that featured both chocolates swirled together on the surface just under the peppermint. The ribbons of white chocolate winding around the dark chocolate seem to tell a better story than had we more consistently delivered that uniform perfection tradition dictates. If you’re fortunate enough to bring home some unique chunks of zebra-striped peppermint bark, you can also impress your friends by telling them that they did not set to out-of-season Christmas tunes, but that instead a collection of Madonna songs lulled them into existence--Jennie’s call, not mine.

One nice thing about the changing seasons here in Rochester is that we have finally beaten the heat, and with it, the humidity that makes tempering chocolate a devilish task. As luck would have it, autumn and winter are prime seasons for chocolate making, as everything suddenly happens with great ease. The panic of an open door, which just weeks ago might send us scrambling to reset optimal conditions, has given way to much cooler times, as we can let the crisp air come and go as it pleases.

Looking forward to new collections, with egg nog, molasses, and white mint chocolates on the horizon, as well as some other winter favorites.

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