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Pairing Chocolate & Wine: A Guide for Impressing Your Valentine

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You may think you and your sweetie are the cutest couple, but you know who the cutest couple of all-time is? Chocolate and wine! With Valentine's Day almost here, you'll want to impress that special someone with this classic combination-- which is why we've created this go-to-guide for pairing chocolate and wine!

Generally, darker chocolates will pair well with more full-bodied wines and lighter chocolates pair well with lighter-bodied wines. In other words, like pairs with like. We typically  try to match the flavor tones in the wine with the ingredients in the chocolate, but you can also try contrasting flavors.


Ravines Truffles

 Pairings You Can Count On:

Strong reds such as a Cabernet or Meritage typically pair with bittersweet chocolate, while lighter reds like a Pinot Noir tend to pair with semisweet or milk chocolate. White chocolate can be tricky because of its sweetness, but it can often work with a dessert wine.

Since our first winery partnership was formed with Ravines Wine Cellars, we have worked closely with them over the years to perfect the chocolate pairings that they do in their tasting room every day. Below are the best pairings.

  • Ravines Chardonnay is paired with our Milk Chocolate Sesame medallion and our Salted Caramel with Walnuts. The chardonnay has warm buttery notes that echo the smooth flavor of sesame.
  • The Cabernet Franc is paired with semisweet chocolate. Depending on the season, it will have dried cranberries and orange zest, dried cherry and almonds, or dried blueberries and orange zest. This is a fruit-forward wine that pairs with any of our chocolate-dipped dried fruits.
  • Ravines Meritage is paired with a traditional Bittersweet truffle or a Black Currant Pepper medallion. The fruit and pepper notes stand up well to our 72% chocolate.


Tasting the Pairing: 

When you pair chocolate and wine, you want to taste the wine by itself first. Smell it, taste it and enjoy it's unique qualities. Next, taste a piece of the chocolate. Warm it up and let it coat your tongue and the roof of your mouth. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth to experience the flavor fully. Just as you finish the chocolate, take another sip of the wine. At this moment, you'll know in your hedonist heart whether or not you've found a perfect pairing.

So there you have it, everything you need to know to become an expert at pairing chocolate and wine. Now go work your new-found magic and wow your valentine!

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