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Raspberry Wasabi Truffle

DSC_1056We toss around the phrase “the best of both worlds” quite often when talking about certain chocolates we make. This phrase, at least in the context of our kitchen, refers to the beauty of blending two seemingly unalike flavor spectrums to create one amazing flavor. We’ve done it a lot with elements of savory and sweet, and we especially love to mix fruit with spice. Following that recurring desire, we created our Raspberry Wasabi truffle for our Spice Truffle Collection.

To some, it may seem more likely that the flavors of raspberry and wasabi would battle each other rather than work together. They don’t have a lot in common, after all. Raspberries are tart and sweet, a treat often appreciated in summer heat. Wasabi, in its purest form, is almost an intense personification of summer heat, strong enough to make your mouth feel like it’s filled with flames if eaten without caution. When we unite the raspberries, raspberry liqueur, and pure wasabi in this truffle’s ganache, however, they play so nicely together. Rather than fighting for control of your taste buds, they take turns expressing themselves. As Chocolate Ratings said about the Raspberry Wasabi truffle in their review of our chocolates, “What was particularly fetching about this truffle was the balance of raspberry with a touch of wasabi. First one flavor would predominate, then the next; utterly sublime.”

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