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Spring Brings the Arrival of Two New Drinking Chocolates

As winter starts to finally fade away and the slight hints of spring start to fill the air, our senses tingle in anticipation. Of course, in Rochester, NY, the lingering cold of winter makes numerous comebacks in the month of March. Fortunately, we have two new drinking chocolates that can can keep us warm while still letting us taste the season!

Lavender Lemongrass Drinking Chocolate Lavender Lemongrass drinking chocolate


If your senses are pleased by the essence of the seasons, then the Lavender Lemongrass drinking chocolate is for you. Earthy herbs and refreshing floral flavors blossom among the white chocolate to create our most exotic drinking chocolate flavor yet. It’s like drinking spring in a cup!







Milk Chocolate chai drinking choc. Milk Chocolate Chai drinking chocolate

As hard as we try to will spring to stay, we know there will still be some cold days that call for some hedonistic heat assistance. Chai spices, cinnamon, and ginger spread throughout rich milk chocolate bring added layers of warmth to the Milk Chocolate Chai drinking chocolate. The depth of full flavor alone is enough to let it serve as a wake-up beverage in the morning, but it also works well as before-bed treat!

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