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Spring Teas Collection: Earl Grey

Earl Grey TrufflePosted by Jasmine

Named after the second Earl Charles Grey of Britain, Earl Grey tea is a popular tea, especially in the U.S. and Britain.

Earl Grey is actually black tea infused with bergamot (a citrus fruit similar to oranges). The combination of bergamot and black tea is legendarily credited to a Chinese mandarin who gave the tea to Earl Charles Grey as a gift. Although the tea used to make Earl Grey was probably originally Chinese, most Earl Grey now is made with Indian and Sri Lankan (or Ceylon) black tea. Bergamot, a small acidic orange, is said to be natively Korean (hence the Chinese use of the sour fruit), but now is mostly cultivated in southern Italy.

Earl Grey has a light, slightly citrus flavor that pairs well with Hedonist’s chocolate. After infusing cream with all natural Earl Grey tea, Hedonist creates a ganache with the infused cream and 55% dark chocolate. After being cut into squares, the ganache is enrobed in 72% dark chocolate. Each truffle is topped with a delicate sprinkle of Earl Grey tea leaves.

The Earl Grey truffle is available as part of Hedonist’s Spring Teas Collection.

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