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Spring Teas Collection: Jasmine Truffle

Jasmine Truffle
Posted by Jasmine:

When I decided to start a series of posts highlighting Hedonist's truffles and barks, I of course had to begin with my namesake - Jasmine.

Jasmine is an Asian flower believed to have originated in the Himalayas. The fragrant flowers usually have five or six white petals. The unique and exotic scent of jasmine has been used in perfumes and teas for centuries.

The Jasmine truffle is one of five featured in our Spring Teas Collection. For this special truffle, Hedonist has infused a 55% semi-sweet chocolate ganache with organic jasmine tea. The ganache is cut into squares and enrobed in 72% dark chocolate. The finishing touch on these fragrant truffles is a cocoa butter transfer that gives the finished product a stylish, floral flair.

These truffles are truly a delight to savor. The aroma of the Valrhona
chocolate is mixed with the subtle fragrance of jasmine. When you bite
through the chocolate shell into the ganache, first you can taste the creamy dark chocolate. Then the gentle, flowery flavor of the jasmine tea comes to the forefront. It's a heavenly combination, with the perfect balance of both flavors.

The next time you stop into Hedonist, consider trying a Jasmine truffle if
you haven't already. Whether you're a tea lover, a fan of dark chocolate, a connoisseur of flowers, or just someone looking for an exotic flavor, Hedonist's Jasmine truffle is right for you.

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