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Spring You Can Drink: Lemongrass Ginger Truffle & Ginger Beer

Lemon Grass GingerYou can never have too much of a good thing. Sounds like standard rhetoric for a hedonist, right? Well, in the case of springtime pairings, it's absolutely true.

The Lemon Grass Ginger truffle in our Spring Truffle Collection has a distinctly strong flavor, which might make it seem tough to pair. Fortunately, ginger is one of those flavors that when people love it, they REALLY love it. So what should it be paired with? Ginger beer, of course!

GoslingsCanGinger beer is great because you can either have the kind that contains alcohol (like a regular beer) or the kind that's more like a soda (like root beer). If you're going the non-alcoholic route, Gosling's Ginger Beer is a great choice. Not only will it remind you of Ryan Gosling ("Hey, girl..."), it also has pretty balanced carbonation and the ginger is just gentle enough to work well with the other ginger flavors from the truffle.

Take a bite of the truffle and feel the flavors on your palate. Then, take a sip of the ginger beer. Ideally, ginger flavors will play nicely together, both being enhanced by the lemongrass bouncing between them thanks to the bubbles from the ginger beer's carbonation. If you like ginger, spring, and doubling your pleasure, this is the pairing for you!


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